Mobile Production Equipment for Austere Environments

Additive systems for fabrication and repair of provisional parts in harsh and remote locations.

Geofabrica Expeditionary Additive Manufacturing

Temporary Factory Solutions

Geofabrica builds application-specific microfactories that can be used on a temporary basis at established factory locations. Examples include 3D printer farms (racked systems) that support surge production, large-format printers for prototype testing, and customized assembly capabilities for special projects. 

Complete Additive Manufacturing Systems

Geofabrica is revolutionizing the field of on-site, mobile 3D printing.  We build custom solutions ranging from individual, suitcase-sized devices and pallet-sized crates, to 20-foot ISO shipping containers that operate entire microfactories.


  • On-site fabrication, repair, and assembly of replacement parts
  • Predictable performance in environments ranging from extreme heat to freezing temperatures, high humidity, to dusty conditions.
  • Capable for operating on unstable power

Expeditionary 3D Printers

Geofabrica will be introducing 3D printer products for metal and plastic part production in austere conditions. These additive manufacturing systems are purpose-built to work in austere conditions. They can operate outdoors on non-level ground in freezing or high heat temperatures. 


  • Mobile production of high quality replacement parts
  • Truly rugged design for extreme durability
  • Easy-to-use and maintain in the field.
military-style tactical case encasing a 3d printer in a field with