Application-Specific Technology for Metal and Plastic Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Research & Development

Advancing 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing

Our research and development is focused on the advancement of additive manufacturing technologies that enable efficient, clean production on a qualified high-mix / low lot-size on-demand basis. 


We develop specialized devices, software and methods that can be commercialized for the benefit of our customers and partners. 


Geofabrica builds new manufacturing technologies on a contracted and self-funded basis. 

Quality Management

Geofabrica develops software-driven processes and real-time monitoring solutions ensure operations are performed to qualified specifications.

Monitoring and Control Systems

Geofabrica builds process control systems using temperature, image, and device parameter sensors, designed to help your optimize performance.

High Control Induction Heating

Geofabrica’s high-control induction heating systems permit susceptor-assisted induction heating of fine metallic particles embedded in plastics and ceramics.