Industrial Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Systems

Additive manufacturing solutions for metal and plastic component applications

Geofabrica specializes in building additive solutions to provide lasting competitive advantages for our clients. 


We create factory systems to improve production processes for high-mix low-volume parts, for medium to large manufacturers. 


Our engineers invent innovative solutions to unlock the economic and production potential of 3D printing and additive technology to help you adapt to the evolving manufacturing landscape. 

isolated geofabrica 3d printer
row of multi-colored 3d printer filament plastic material isolated on white background
Geofabrica additive solutions:
  • Reduce costs and production time
  • Improve production efficiency 
  • built to your strict production standards

Mobile production equipment for austere environments

Geofabrica Expeditionary develops point-of-need manufacturing systems, built to operate in the field.

Mobile devices designed to operate in non-optimal conditions

Geofabrica’s expeditionary solutions enable mobile 3D printing capabilities for production, repair, assembly, and processing of provisional parts. Our engineers ensure the materials and methods used in development meet your specific quality standards.


Geofabrica’s agile additive solutions features devices ranging from brief-case sized units, to 20-foot containers.

Our devices are built tough and designed to operate in extreme climates, remote locations, and where power is unstable.

Geofabrica expeditionary solutions:
  • withstand harsh, austere environments
  • are easily transported and setup
  • use materials suitable for use in the field
military-style tactical case encasing a 3d printer in a field with

Geofabrica's mobile microfactory is built for point-of-need response with additive and other manufacturing equipment that is built to operate in the field.