Large-scale additive manufacturing

Polymer & composite 3D printing

polymer plastic 3D printing for large industrial manufacturing

Geofabrica has made major advancements in 3D printing large polymer and composite parts for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications. We build specialized devices, software, and methods for printing at meter-scale (3-foot) dimensions and above. We feature multiple large and small industrial 3D printers to develop cost-effective production alternatives for prototyping, fixturing, tooling, and other industrial applications.

polymer plastic 3D printing for large industrial manufacturing
Small-scale additive manufacturing

High-mix/small lot size qualification and production

Geofabrica addresses the challenge of qualifying high-mix/small lot size production processes. The methods and technologies we create use state-of-the art methods for control, in-process inspection, and model-based predictive action. Our digital control methods are designed to help companies transition their additive manufacturing systems to production.