High-control induction heating

Susceptor-assisted induction heating (SAIH)

induction heating controller

Geofabrica’s susceptor-assisted induction heating technology enables rapid high-control fusion of bonding of thermoplastic components. SAIH fusion outperforms adhesives and create bonds with virtually indistinguishable material properties across the joint. 


Our SAIH welding systems can be customized for specific applications and parts. Systems operate on a closed-loop controlled basis to precisely control the fusion process. 

induction heating controller
Powder bed induction heating

Multi-zone volumetric heating

Geofabrica builds induction heating systems capable of controlling multiple heating zones to maintain application specific induction heating systems. Induction heating solutions are advantageous for applications that need volumetric rather than point-source heating. Our team has built large-format powder bed heaters for metal additive applications, and heating systems for parts with irregular shapes.