Case Study

Geofabrica builds custom ultra-low flow venturi device for improved powder dosing control

May 9, 2022 | Case Study

(Auburn Hills, MI – May 9, 2022) – Geofabrica customizes manufacturing systems to help clients overcome engineering roadblocks and achieve targeted production goals.  Our strengths include: diagnosing, re-designing, prototyping, optimizing, and implementing production system upgrades.

Recently, a Detroit-based manufacturer engaged Geofabrica to solve a powder flow problem they were having with their precision material deposition system.  The client was expanding their capabilities, unfortunately the new powders they wanted to use were out of specification for their equipment, and deposited very unevenly. Precious material was being wasted and their manufacturing yield fell significantly short from their target.

Geofabrica’s engineers examined the manufacturing system behavior, modeled the powder flow, and designed a custom ejector venturi that was uniquely adapted to the new material.  We 3D printed and tested versions of the new nozzle to optimize its performance. The result was a smooth, ultra-low flow deposition capability, specifically for powder with poor flow properties.

Three weeks later, the client was up and running with a simple drop-in upgrade. They achieved their quality objective, saved money, and expanded their production capability, with few changes to their production equipment.

About Geofabrica

Geofabrica is a manufacturing technology development company specializing in customized additive manufacturing systems for factory and expeditionary applications. We build innovative solutions to unlock the economic and production potential of 3D printing and additive technologies for metal, plastic, and composite applications. We create application-specific devices and processes to help customers overcome the limitations of current technologies and help them achieve a competitive advantage within the evolving digital manufacturing landscape.