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Geofabrica builds application-specific 3D printers for Red Hawk Manufacturing

September 13, 2022 | News

(Auburn Hills, MI – Sept 13, 2022) – Geofabrica delivered four custom 3D printers to Red Hawk Manufacturing, expanding their capabilities to provide low-to-medium-volume part production of industrial-quality plastic and composite parts for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications.


Red Hawk’s growing production operations required machines specifically built and optimized for cost-effective, high-yield FDM additive manufacturing. Our engineering teams collaborated to ensure the printers were built for seamless integration into Red Hawk’s digital manufacturing and monitoring systems. Geofabrica’s printers increase Red Hawk’s production yield, reducing the number of failed parts and printer downtime. 


Red Hawk’s Michigan facility features large and small-format 3D printing capabilities, producing parts from durable plastic and fiber-filled thermoplastic composites, ranging in size from 6-foot to 1-foot dimensions. Red Hawk is expanding its post-processing capabilities to enable joining and finishing of 3D printed parts using technologies provided by Geofabrica.


Red Hawk’s manufacturing engineering team works with customers to design the optimal way to make each part, taking maximum advantage of the additive processes and the integration of conventional manufacturing with additive manufacturing. 


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