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Manufacturing on Demand: Geofabrica is proud to be part of Project DIAMOND

January 20, 2021 | Press Release

(Auburn Hills, MI – January 20, 2021) – Geofabrica has been selected to participate in Project DIAMOND (Digital, Independent, Agile Manufacturing on Demand), an initiative to create the country’s largest 3D printer network on blockchain technology platform.  Project DIAMOND was established through CARES ACT funding grants to help strengthen supply chains for personal protection equipment during the pandemic. 


Automation Alley, Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center, helped facilitate the distribution of funds and equipment, including 300 3D printers for small and medium-sized Oakland and Macomb County manufacturers. Geofabrica joins a network of 300 interconnected 3D printers that stand ready to print PPE or other equipment that may be needed during future emergency supply chain disruptions.


“We are honored to participate in Project Diamond,” said Geofabrica CEO, George Caravias. “This program aligns with Geofabrica’s mission to utilize 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology to help overcome the limitations of current manufacturing methods.”



About Automation Alley

Automation Alley is a World Economic Forum’s Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for North America and a nonprofit Industry 4.0 knowledge center with a global outlook and a regional focus. We facilitate public-private partnerships by connecting industry, education and government to fuel Michigan’s economy and accelerate innovation. Our programs give businesses a competitive advantage by helping them along every step of their digital transformation journey. We obsess over disruptive technologies like AI, the Internet of Things and automation, and work hard to make these complex concepts easier for companies to understand and implement. Visit


About Geofabrica

Geofabrica is a manufacturing technology development company specializing in customized additive manufacturing systems for factory and expeditionary applications. We build innovative solutions to unlock the economic and production potential of 3D printing and additive technologies for metal, plastic, and composite applications. We create application-specific devices and processes to help customers overcome the limitations of current technologies and help them achieve a competitive advantage within the evolving digital manufacturing landscape.